We specialise in crafting personalised playlists for brands, delivered through our very own high end device.
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Music Identity.
The impact of music should never be underestimated and your journey with MoodSense begins here. Your own personal music curator will craft a bespoke playlist that brings your space to life. Creating a musical profile which fully embodies your brand, our hand-picked team of professionals will infuse customised playlists to enhance your musical identity.
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MoodSense is a device that connects easily to your existing sound system and offers endless musical possibilities. Our cutting edge technology and music knowledge allows you to elevate the overall client experience.
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No algorithms or AI welcome here. We believe in the power of people. People that can understand and interpret your brand musically. By getting to know your mission, visions and intentions we can use our in-house technology to complement your client experience. This means that because real humans create your playlists, real emotions are involved. We can react to changes; from global moods to local neighbourhoods. For you, this means knowing your brand's sonic experiences are always in good hands.
The mood of a space can change in a moment. Through our professional team of musical curators, our mission is to evolve your signature sounds to reflect this mood. To avoid the mundane and repetitive, and communicate directly with your clients. To enhance and connect. To move and inspire. To create memories that last a lifetime. All through the power of music.
We believe in being flexible and have the ability to work around you. From independent boutiques to global brands, our team of soulful professionals have the capability to work within your brief and budget. Our skillset stretches further than bespoke playlists for your venue. An extension of MoodSense is our creative partner in music, esteemed curators of culture, White Flow. Our teams work together to design immersive musical experiences for campaigns, global events, online platforms and launches.

For more details on how we can create a personalised package that works for you please contact us.
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Meet The Team
At the heart of our business is a team of music lovers. Specialising in music curation, production and composition with an unrivalled network of world renowned DJs and musicians, each creator personally produces the soundtrack to your brand.