It is really easy to install MoodSense. In this simple guide you will learn how install the device in a few steps.
Scroll down for the steps
What's in the box?
- MoodSense device 1.0
- Power cable
What do you need?
- Ethernet cable (Internet cable)
- AUX cable
Step 1.
Connect the Power Cable to the device to the Power Input (see image)
Step 2.
Connect the device with your audio system. Use your AUX cable, connect this cable to the Headphone Jack (see image)
Step 3.
Connect the ethernet cable/internet cable to the LAN Port (see image)
Step 4.
Turn the MoodSense device on*. Press the Power Button (see image)
*Tip:Do you wan to turn off the device? Press the power button again. Screen/monitor not required.
You're ready to enjoy the music, good job.